Estate Planning

People engage in estate planning for a variety of reasons. Whether you goal is the ease of administration for you loved ones, avoiding the probate court, minimizing tax liability, or ensuring a legacy through advanced planning techniques like trusts, Attorney Jonathon “JC” Elgin can help.

Comprehensive Estate Plan

The comprehensive estate plan is a set of documents that protect you during your life and your legacy. The comprehensive estate plan consists of advance healthcare directives, financial power of attorney, and a last will and testament. The comprehensive estate plan is coupled with probate avoidance techniques including survivorship deeds and transfer on death designations to ease the administrative burden on your loved ones.


Trusts are advanced estate planning instruments. Trusts are flexible and provide many options for the distribution of funds over time. Trusts also allow for probate avoidance in certain circumstances. There are also specialized trusts that can help you or your loved one qualify for benefits (such as a “Miller” or “Qualified Income Trust” and irrevocable trusts). Trusts are complex and you should have the assistance of an experienced estate planning attorney in drafting a trust to meet your specific requirements.